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My beautiful boys by Kurokomui ♥ ♥ ♥

Days off this weekend finally 

No deviants said Need to work on drawing hands
No deviants said Well everything really
No deviants said I really suck at hands
No deviants said Anyone got any tutorials or good refs??
No deviants said I need help.
No deviants said Please ;u;
No deviants said :icondeadbodyplz:



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Attack of the Stamps and stuff

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I got tagged for the first time!

Sun May 17, 2015, 12:21 AM
Oh my goodness. :la:
This is my very first time being tagged. ;u;

RULES. (Bat says - Please feel free to ignore. C: )
1) You must place these rules.
2) Each Person Must Write 10 Facts About themselves.
3)You must tag 10 people.
4)Go to their homepage and inform them that they have been tagged by you. (Bat says - Not sure this is necessary as you will be notified!
5)Not something like "You have been tagged if you read this" (Bat says - see 4 XD )
6)Pick ten people and tag them in their journal. (Bat says - Eeeeeermmmm??!!!)
7)You can't say I don't do tags (Bat says - Okay......I myself do not participate in tags //slapped)
8)No tag back.
9) You should really make a journal entry. (Bat says - I do not understand how this would work without doing so!)
10)You must answer and ask 10 Questions.

Facts about myself (Bat says - forgive me for what follows I don't know what I am doing oTL)

1. I love tattoos. I often stare at tattoos on complete strangers. I have 9 myself.
2. I will not eat baking done by anyone other than my sister. I can't eat wheat or dairy and do not trust others to keep everything separate. Shop made stuff is so expensive and often not that good.
3. I have about 300 cds and collect records with artwork done by Rodney Matthews
4. I looove Eurovision. I am looking forward to drinking rose, eating crisps, mint choc and laughing at the lyrics with my sis next weekend.
5. I attach bells to almost anything I can.
6. I mull over mistakes I have made for years afterwards. I can't let go of anything.
7. I lived in Malta for 2 years from when I was 11 years old. My Dad had been transferred there to help set up fish farms. It is a beautiful island full of friendly wonderful people. Drivers didn't drive on the right or the left they drove in the shade and avoiding pot holes. XD
8. I have watched Hudson Hawk soooooooo many times. I had it on video to begin with. O_o
9. I wish I could stick with and finish things I start. I loose confidence and talk myself out of trying because I am sure to fail.
10. I have an unhealthy love for the character Yogi from the manga Karneval by Touya Mikanagi.

Questions from :iconlarshelgemo:

1. Earth is being destroyed, but you can save one city (if it's not where you live, you'll be instantaneously teleported there). Which is it?
  • Well London because it is such a melting pot with loads of museums, art galleries and independent shops and I know my bf will choose that city too and be transported there. 
2. You're on a romantic date, but then the alien overlord Ulurnux goes and snatches your date, what will you do to stop this heinous kidnapping?
  • Erm throw pepper in it's overlord face. idk 
3. You wake up, only to find yourself different now somehow. What happened to you?
  • I got some confidence. Oh no i turned into a freckle
4. Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr. and yourself walk into a bar. How the hell did you end up with those guys?
  • I have confidence oh I am freckle on Mr Depp
5. If you ever become a millionaire, what is likely to be the reason? (I'm not doing research on how to best capitalize on you. Promise).
  • I suppose it would be a lotto win. Or I got hit by the car of a millionaire and they paid out to keep it quiet.
6. Your future home, what do you want it to be like?
  • A super insulated old fashioned traditional Japanese house with triple glazed sliding window doors all the way around the outside and all sliding doors inside. The garden would be cottage garden style though but with a cherry tree. ABSOLUTELY NO SHOES INSIDE. I hate shoes being worn inside.
7. Speaking of homes, what is your favourite furniture?
  • Anything wooden and handmade with love. My father is a woodworker so I am used to being around burr elm and sycamore. X3
8. Okay, so you have eight kids now, and they're identical octuplets. What naming convention will you use and how will you make sure you (and your friends and family) can tell them apart.
  • O_O nightmare. Different coloured nail polish to tell them apart and names from Shakespeare plays maybe. idk really. 'Trollius get back here!' XD
9. You win a special lottery in which you can buy one of anything however small or large (it does however have to be something that is in fact purchasable)
  • An antique narwhal tooth. It would be awesome. Or an antique hand forged Japanese katana. Oh or a trip on the Orient Express. 
10. If you could possess any one object and make it move on its own, what will it be and how will you use it?
  • A stone gargoyle. It would scare/amuse any visitors spitting water all over the place. 

My questions (Bat says - only if you fancy answering)
1. If you were to be transformed into a flora based character from a story would you be a triffid, ent or the plant from Little Shop of Horrors?
2. If you could compile an entire collection of a copy/sample/specimen of something what would it be??
3. What is your favourite colour?
4. If you had to name a mission what would you name it?
5. Amethyst, emerald, opal or diamond?
6. Is there a dream someone has that you would love to help make happen?
7. If you could instantly learn to play 1 musical instrument or 1 foreign language what would you pick?
8. You swap bodies with someone (not a famous person) for a week who would it be and why?
9. Starry night or sunny sky?
10. It is a cold Saturday morning and you have £5 what do you go do? Museum, carboot sale, mooch food off a friend or something else?

I don't know who to tag ;u;

Um I am scared to tag people but here goes.

I know people are very busy so ignore this nonsense if you want. 

Right have some arts too (I feel I need to justify wasting peoples time ;u;)
Commission: Jordan Serafin by ZenithOmocha still one of my very favourite artworks on DA

all in one by chouette-e Oops by Culpeo-Fox Sleepy Little Dragon by ManaFromHeaven
Life is a game, so lvl up by Kyoux uuuu Nazar *¬*

*EDIT* Just  found this
feathers by wyum beautiful. (now runs off late for work)

Yeah sorry for this oTL hope there is something worthwhile here for you. xxxx

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  • Listening to: BBC 6 music through the tv
  • Drinking: All the green tea.


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