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oTL very late but....

Sat Jan 30, 2016, 4:18 AM
Fatigue gtfo
Right well every year everything seems to be 'New Year New You'
Well I would kind of like to get to know the old me first.
Yeah so as ever riddled with anxiety and doubts about everything. 
There will be no new me, just hopefully a me that sees me as me and excepts me as me.
ooooooo that was deep, maybe I should lay down for a bit XD

Yeah so delayed self reflection over

I look forward to a year full of grems - thank you MrGremble and your crew
Also further chapters of the digital comic from Doublethickcustard 
Streams with Amerelle and Dragonpunk15 you 2 bring me life ;A;
Nax keep Xyr away from my grems :stare:

Really hoping to get a spliced grem child for these 2 Enzai approves by Dragonpunk15
Hopefully with mama Aidans long flowing ear fur, papa Enzai will teach them all the bad things
uuuuuuuuu tiny gas mask so they don't inhale the fumes while they graffiti the hell out of places oTL
Not going to lie I will be a little heartbroken if this blue blooded gremling doesn't happen.
Auntie Velvet is ready to babysit and Uncle Oni will help papa Enzai with their 'education'
Grem world be a little afraid O_O

Moving along
Arts I have found and will force on whoever is reading this 
Grem2-myo-LAZARUS/ref by Amerelle Oni Grem big boy by Dragonpunk15 Eggus by Dragonpunk15 
^^^^^^^^^^^^ Doki doki ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

*edit* just found this ;A; Rick Genest by ZCrims
Dead Light rare Bonus portrait by Polis-adopts Red Fox Doily by Nytrinhia Ok But Gremble is Hot by Sweet-n-treat

Mature Content

Blot Takes the Inkblot Test by Malfey
 Nose Boops by Amerelle more shy babies by strait

From Heaven by Cloudburst-X95 The ocean by Suihowl skully moth by wyum

Sparkly Cloak by CrystallizedTwilight  Blizzard of Hell by shuu-washuu .jpg by Slo-s

Holding Telephone reference sheet by Kibbitzer Coward by Zero1510 Fig by klar

So cold by Sawitry Lollipop lovers by Z-Pico  do i wanna know?"do you know
what's more dangerous
than a stupid man?
                 a smart one."
"do you know
what's more powerful
than love?
"do you know
what's worse
than fake smiles?
          fake tears."
"do you know
what's the difference
between being mad
and being sad?

 Turtle by LassieCrumby whimsy by loish  

Colorful by LarsHelgemo  Watch yo mouth by Taikie 

SO TALENTED by JWiesner < talent and skill are different :>

Slowly turning into AH trash obsessed with Team Nice Dynamite
DragonPunk15 I blame youuuuuuuuuu

These bring me joy…

I just found this
[link]  Why hadn't I heard about this????
and it answers all the important questions I feel

Love and warm hugs to all
and glitter to those that like it

Deviantart brings me so much I can't even say
Thank you to all that have interacted with me in any way over the past year 
Hopefully 2016 will be a year of positive changes world wide and within me.


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  • Drinking: All the green tea.


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United Kingdom
Actually a 'typical pisces'
I am easily distracted
So yeah that's pretty much it

Deviant ID was an image shared to me on Facebook
I do not own it. C:


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Eyy! Why thank you so much for the watch! *w* and the faves and everything!
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Thank you so much for the watch!
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I could really do with some onions to help beat this damn cold oTL

How are you my dear?  Heart - Free 
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lol I'm alright, school is starting up tomorrow and I wanted to check on you before I got super busy, again XD sounds like you need hugs, :iconletmehugyouplz:
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Omg T.o.p  whut??
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Bat1 by Malfey  <33 I've sent the other to Drigi on skype!
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